• Puzzle Cross Pirates 2.2 now live on iOs!

    The new version of our game Puzzle Cross Pirates has gone live now on iOs, Android version will be released as soon as we end testing it!

    At the end the new version contains the following updates:

    100 new levels, the glorious levels! levels that are 15×15 instead of 10×10

    Precision Mode, the glorious levels have a new way of tap on squares to be even more precise

    Support for several new languages, danish, italian…

    Several bug fixes

    Hope you enjoy this update!

    Click here to download the game!

  • Puzzle Cross Pirates will became even more international

    April 10, 2016 josepho Uncategorized

    We are still working in the following version of Puzzle Cross Pirates, we have almost done the new update!

    Another great feature of the following version will be new languages! Now Italian, sweedish and danish will became available in the game!

    Arr! you ready??

  • Puzzle Cross Pirates 2.1 Features

    March 20, 2016 josepho Uncategorized

    We are still working in the following version of Puzzle Cross Pirates that will be the 2.1

    This version will feature 100 new levels that will have up to 15×15 squares and a new way to play in order to be able to target better the squares in phones!

    Stay tunned!

  • Puzzle Cross Pirates now available and future 2.2 version details

    February 6, 2016 josepho Uncategorized

    We make an huge update in our game Picross Pirates last month, so big, that we even rename it to Puzzle Cross Pirates! This is the version 2.0 of the game and we are very excited with the results of this update!

    So we keep working in future updates for the future 2.2 version of the game!

    The tempative features that will be included in the new version are

    • 75 normal levels more
    • 7 new ships
    • Two-colored puzzles to unlock the new ships!
    • Treasure story cutscenes!
    • Facebook connection!

    Also we dont forget about the steam version of the game that will be live during this year too!