• Picross Pirates v2 soon!

    November 25, 2015 josepho Uncategorized

    We are working hard in order to have the next version of picross pirates, this version will contain the legendary treasures and random generated picrosses, without counting the random picross, this will add around 400 new picrosses to the game ūüôā

  • Alexia Chapter 2 released!

    October 28, 2015 josepho Uncategorized

    As we promised before we updated the game with the chapter 2 completely free for all the people who purchased the chapter 1! And yes, chapter 3 will be also free!

    Thanks to all the people who purchased the game and have giving us their support!

    Our next plan will be to update Picross Pirates mobile with the long awaited legendary treasures!

  • We are still working

    October 4, 2015 josepho Uncategorized

    We are working hard in the episode 2 of Alexia for steam, hopefully it will be ready to download for free in Steam in the next week for the people that has purchased the first one!

  • Our next plans

    June 22, 2015 josepho Uncategorized

    Hey !

    Our vacations has finished and its time to come back to the battle! So I want to share with you our next plans!

    First of all, we are going to release the second chapter of Alexia in steam for free! All the people that has already purchased the first chapter will receive this one as a free update!

    The next movement will be the new picross pirates expansion that will include 8 new boats that will require a different way to be achieved! Yes one of that boats it will be the Cthulhu boat, and also we want to make a pug boat! You’ll see!

    Also the next movements will be the third chapter of Alexia in steam and the legenday treasures in Picross Pirates, are you prepared?