November 21, 2014 josepho Html5

Lula was wandering through the space until she found a peculiar spacial restaurant, now she is the owner of the restaurant machines and she will give them to you if you to manage correctly the clients..

Cosmolicious is a cooking game where the most important is the time organization. As you pass the levels new machines will be appearing . You shouldn’t let the clients be upset, it’s easy, near them you can see what they want and you have to click on the machines and put in the place where the food icon indicates, when the spacial monster has all he wants a new creature will come and you must do the same.

Be careful and don’t give them the drik with another flavour, if you do, down in the left there is a machine to delete if you got wrong and be nice if they want a present give them the teddy bear. You get stars and will be able to open the next box, there are three boxes. The music is really funny, looks as it’s timing with them and the they are dancing.

The game is made in HTML5, so you can play from any kind of dispositive.

Hurry up!

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