Dog Heroes

April 5, 2015 josepho Android iOs

Be part of a great adventure, help Dock and his team (Laika, Askar and Guido) to defeat the evil Hedgsagor and his clan.
You will fight against Tantalus, Tex, Krevan and finally the evil Hedgsagor in different levels with the target of saving the world.

Meet the team:
DOCK: Dock is the boss of Dog Heroes, he is smart, brave and he likes to knock down his enemies.
GUIDO: is the martial arts expert of the team, you won’t want to be the target of his fire kick.
LAIKA: is Dock’s girlfriend, also she is clever and nimble.
ASKAR: is the biggest and most experienced of all, his strength can break the bones of a single enemy just touching him.

Dog Heroes is a great adventure for all ages. Play now free!

4 worlds with 25 levels each one!
With each completed challenge, you will get stars and you will be able to trade them for members of the team, also you will be able to use the special powers that Dog Heroes have and their laser gun!You have the chance of unlocking each world with the purchase of stars, also you will be able to get the starts completing the levels but collecting all the boxes of the level!




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