Dev Log – #1

We are still working on the version 5.0 of the game, its very close to be finished, we are planing on making the first beta tests during the next week.

We want to remember you that the game is being recoded from scratch in a new and more stable system which will fix some of the bugs we have.

Lots of interfaces are going to be modified

In this gallery you can see:

– A modified version of the hold, now each event will unlock free buildings to add them in the city map

– The new kind of picross, you will need to solve 4 picross which will compose a huge pixel art, you will need to solve them without leaving the puzzle screen, and only mistakes will cost currency that will be chickens.

– The builder interface will show you what are the buildings you can build currently and how many puzzles the building requires to be built

Also no worries, you will be able to get free chickens every day when you build the farm (which is the second building of the list to be built) 😉

Another interesting thing is that now the bombs will be generated by the pirates houses, you will be able to upgrade the pirate houses to get a bit more bombs, or make purchases in order to unlock the building of new pirate houses.

And thats all for now, i will try to keep you posted weekly with the final updates of our projects 🙂

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