Version 5.1 released on iOs and Android

We have released the version 5.1 in IOs and Android, this version has all the uis prepared for high end devices like XR, X or XS, and Android devices that has that aspect ration.

Also instead of releasing the 5.0 in iOs we have directly released the 5.1, welcome aboard IOs users!

One of the most interesting things we have added is more background for the city screen as you can see on this image

Right now we are working on a version 5.11 that will have several bugs fixed and the Kindle Fire version. Also we will unlock new puzzles in the following week.

Version 5 released on Android

Hi friends, we have finally released the version 5 on android, we are using this release as a soft launch so some puzzles are not ready yet and we are still fixing some stuff, iOs version will arribe as soon as we are confident with the balancing and the features of the version.

For the moment its looking good, some misunderstandings with old players but overall we are liking the first day numbers, we will wait at least one week to make the decision. Many thanks and if you have any feedback please tell us!

Dev Blog #3 – Pic Improvements

We are still developing the version 5 of the game that will be released at the end of this month, and during this 2 weeks we are still testing the game and fixing bugs. Please consider we have re-code this version from scratch in a new system so thats the main reason its taking so long to be tested.

During these weeks we have made some important changes the picross gameplay as well, the first of all is the removal of the precision mode. After a long time of condieration we have decided this mode doesnt fit with the mobile gaming standards and we have decided to remove it from the game.

But, as the 15×15 puzzles have very small tiles we needed to provide replacement for it, so what we have done, is the inclusion of a zoom in and zoom out mechanic by pinching the fingers and the result its pretty cool.

Also in the new late game, there were lots of 15×15 picross, we have decided to replace them with 10×15 picross cause it fits way better with the portrait screen of the phones plus we think its way more rewarding.

New website!

Yeah, we have changed again the website for a more professional one, we hope you like it. This website is faster, and more interesting than the previous one. Also we will add some modifications to it in the near future to improve it even more. Thanks!

Dev Log #2 – New puzzles

As you know if you have been following the news regarding the Puzzle Cross Pirates version 5, we are going to include lots of new puzzles. More than 1500!

These puzzles are not going to use currency if you find the treasure, only errors are going to be penalized.

In order to make this puzzles, and taking into account this ones are not going to have a drawing attached as the rest of the puzzles, we wanted to have not good, but EXCELENT pixel art quallity, so you are going to compose really nice drawings by solving them. 

In order to achieve that the artist @2bitCrook has been the one that has made it, here are some of the amazing puzzles he has done for the game!

Dev Log – #1

We are still working on the version 5.0 of the game, its very close to be finished, we are planing on making the first beta tests during the next week.

We want to remember you that the game is being recoded from scratch in a new and more stable system which will fix some of the bugs we have.

Lots of interfaces are going to be modified

In this gallery you can see:

– A modified version of the hold, now each event will unlock free buildings to add them in the city map

– The new kind of picross, you will need to solve 4 picross which will compose a huge pixel art, you will need to solve them without leaving the puzzle screen, and only mistakes will cost currency that will be chickens.

– The builder interface will show you what are the buildings you can build currently and how many puzzles the building requires to be built

Also no worries, you will be able to get free chickens every day when you build the farm (which is the second building of the list to be built) 😉

Another interesting thing is that now the bombs will be generated by the pirates houses, you will be able to upgrade the pirate houses to get a bit more bombs, or make purchases in order to unlock the building of new pirate houses.

And thats all for now, i will try to keep you posted weekly with the final updates of our projects 🙂

Kukoo Kitchen in Steam

Our classic game Kukoo Kitchen is now available on Steam, and it has steam achievements on it and a reworked full screen system (the original game has 10 years now).

The game is now 20% off, so if you dont have it yet dont lose time and get it, if you like time management games you wont be disappointed!

Puzzle Cross v5 is close..

We are still working on the new version of Puzzle Cross Pirates, this major update will have several surprises and several bug fixings, here is he list of what we are going to include:

– Pirate city system, you are going to be able to build a nice pirate island by using a new currency called gold

– This new currency WONT be purchasable via inapp purchase you will get it by collecting normal treasures in the hold

– Every building will contain several 4 pieced puzzles that WONT use cannon balls

– This puzzles will use chickens and right clicks WONT have any cost 😉 so only errors will be penalized

– How many puzzles we will add like this? Just a few ones….

1640 PUZZLES!!!!!!

On top of this we will fix several important bugs:

– Some people looks like having a bad time with the rate popup, this will be fixed

– Some people has problems with the iapps, this will be fixed

– The game was done using an old tech, we have updated the system (this is what is making us advance so slow, basically we have recoded the game from scratch)

The future version is going to be awesome!

We have started the development of the future version of the game, the 5.0 update! This update will change several things of the game in order to make it more unique and awesome. The following update will add the pirate island, that it will be an island in which you will be able to build lots of awesome buildings! This buildings will add new puzzles that wont have any bomb costs 😉

Treasure will appear in another game!

Treasure, our brave pirate will appear in another game that will be released during the next year. The game will be a RPG mixed with Puzzles so we are sure you are also going to love this one. The style of the game is going to be less comical than Puzzle Cross, so Treasure has received a nice redesign in order to fit in. What do you think?