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Pirates never were so cool ⛵️⛵️
Best puzzle game with pirates and sea rovers. Conquest all the world and the islands nearby. If you are ready to find hidden treasures and collect them in this fascinating pirate adventure while you are solving incredible puzzles; then you are lucky, because this app was perfectly design and develop to have lots of fun in the seven seas.

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The magic map will lead you to incredible treasure and more magic maps that will guide you along this journey so you won’t be lost while sailing 🌊🌊. Discover the fantastic world of picross (Japanese Picture Cross Word), a funny puzzle where through numerical hints you will draw awesome pixelart pictures!

Don’t wait no longer to have fun and try out this new type of pirate puzzle adventure. If you are bored to play the typical match 3 game, then give it a try and discover picross apps. Shoot the cannon ball and take your inside pirate out, what are you waiting for?


Happy Bombing 💣💣


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