Easter Avenger

March 30, 2012 josepho Flash

Easter Avenger Ex is our newest game, its a remake with great upgrades of the game maker success game called Easter Avenger that was on the staff pick at yoyogames and has archived many awards as the spanish PlayStation Artfutura “best polished” award and the best amateur game at Desarrollador_Es in 2006.

Now in 2012 we will release the Ex version, sponsored by MaxGames, that has a lot of improvements like graphic animations, better music and sound effects and a more polished gameplay and the most important, it has been completly rewritten in Flash for playing directly from your web browser.

The evil easter bunny has killed the father of the main character of the game, Pascual, an easter egg that you will help to avenge its father in an epic trip throught the Easter Country.

The game is an action platform game in which you will need to use the mouse to aim and the keys for moving. 13 full-of-suprises game levels which includes awesome boss battles or the incredible easter powers whose will change Pascual’s appearence and will give him extra skills like flying or walljumping.

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