Puzzle Cross v5 is close..

We are still working on the new version of Puzzle Cross Pirates, this major update will have several surprises and several bug fixings, here is he list of what we are going to include:

– Pirate city system, you are going to be able to build a nice pirate island by using a new currency called gold

– This new currency WONT be purchasable via inapp purchase you will get it by collecting normal treasures in the hold

– Every building will contain several 4 pieced puzzles that WONT use cannon balls

– This puzzles will use chickens and right clicks WONT have any cost 😉 so only errors will be penalized

– How many puzzles we will add like this? Just a few ones….

1640 PUZZLES!!!!!!

On top of this we will fix several important bugs:

– Some people looks like having a bad time with the rate popup, this will be fixed

– Some people has problems with the iapps, this will be fixed

– The game was done using an old tech, we have updated the system (this is what is making us advance so slow, basically we have recoded the game from scratch)

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