2022 Plans

We are sorry cause we didnt show our plans for 2022, we are very busy with some clients and developments.

Puzzle Cross Pirates: As you can see in the previous post we have update the game recently adding new features and bufixes, we dont plan on releasing any new update this year but some improvements are planned for early 2023 that will make huge changes to the game.

Untitled game: We are planing on releasing a new game this year, it will be kind of match 3 with a twist!

Adventure weaver: Our game maker tool keeps being developed but we are not sure if it will be finished during this year as its a very long project but definitely we will release interesting teasers for it so you can see its potential!


Puzzle Cross Pirates v 5.5

We have recently updated our game Puzzle Cross Pirates with around 1000 new puzzles and 15 new buildings!

This update introduces a new kind of puzzles called “The big one” where you will need to check the squares you want to reveal before and you will need to spend dynamites in order to reveal them. Be careful as this dynamites are very expensive so try to reveal the whole puzzle only using 1!

This new puzzles also includes a locked mode where the puzzle will remain in the same place when dragging the finder over the screen and instead of move the puzzle the squares will be selected in order to make the puzzle resolution faster

Hope you like it!

Some updates!

Hi friends, we are still busy with the Puzzle Cross Update its almost finished but the issue is the testing of the new puzzles, please be aware the new version is going to have more than 800 new puzzles!

Apart from it, we have notice our adventure weaver blog is down, this was due to a site upgrade, unfortunately due to some problems with the schedule we wont fix the website in the near future. The project is not abandoned! but we don’t have as much time as we had before cause we are also working for third parties clients so probably new adventure weaver upgrades will be done using the Questtracers main website instead of another one.

And to finish just tell you we are planing on working on a new game! Its going to be an indie game, for PC and Mac hopefully will be released in Steam, and the estimated development time is going to be 2 years, so yes, its going to be a long wait im afraid but we will show new stuff from it whenever is done.

Thanks for your patience!

Swipe Town v1.1

So here is the first of our promises of the previous blog post, we have released a new version of Swipe Town.

This version has the following cool improvements:

  • Music and sound effects
  • New poses for Carla
  • The buildings now have a construction state
  • Hourglasses cool down has been reduced… A LOT

Remember you can download it from here

Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/es/app/swipe-town/id1527156292
Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.questtracers.swipepuzzle&hl=es&gl=US

Also we created a new video for the game!

Happy 2021

Hi! We want to make a quick update of the questtracers games and projects:

Puzzle Cross Pirates: A new expansion is planned for this year, we wanted to release it initially on december but we have decided to postpone it in order to make it bigger, this new update will introduce several new buildings and a whole new way of playing the puzzles

Swipe Town: We want to make a tiny update introducing new ways to get hourglasses faster and we will add some new drawings to Carla so she will have more life

Soulmaster Tales: We are preparing another tiny update that will introduce some REALLY cool visual improvements to the combat and more ways to get premium stuff

Adventure Weaver: It will be the new Questtracers new project for this year, its not going to be a game but a program to create your own games. You can see how its progressing on its website

Please be patient we are also working for freelance clients so things will progress slowly but steady!

Game updates & a Top

We decided to take a little bit more time to release the new version of Puzzle Cross Pirates, its our flagship game so we want to fix every problem before it is released. We still hope we release it on December, but there are high chances it gets delayed to January! Sorry Pirates!

In the mean time we almost have the new version of Swipe Town ready, this version will include some minor fixes and it will be less greedy with the Hourglasses, hope you like it!

Ah! Also check the website Gamekeys, they have included our game in their top of “insanely addicitive games”

You can check the list here

Puzzle Cross Pirates v6 available soon

Our flagship game Puzzle Cross Pirates will receive a new expansion this year! This expansion will have a new kind of puzzle where you will need to use the dinamites. Treasure will go to the castle in the skies in order to full fill the biggest picture that contains a clue of a new epic treasure. We will add also several new buildings!

Hope you like it, it will be released during next month.

Swipe Town is released

We are on fire and we want to tell you we have released a new game called Swipe Town!

Welcome to Swipe Puzzle boss! Carla needs your help, someone that can help her to build a city and plan its distribution!

In Swipe City you will play pixel art puzzles in a very unique and awesome way, you will need to sort the columns of each pixel art to have the same drawing as in the preview.

You can download it in:
IOs: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/swipe-town/id1527156292
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.questtracers.swipepuzzle

Hope you like it!

SoulMaster Tales is released

We want to let you know our new game Soulmaster Tales is released now on the app store and the google play store

Here are the links so you can check it!



Soulmaster Tales is an RPG with an unique combat system and several great and highly charismatic heroes, dont lose more time and give it a go!

We are working on a new game

Hi, sorry for not being very comunicative in the website, maybe you are missing some new updates on Puzzle Cross Pirates, this is because we are working on a new game that will be released hopefully before the end of this year.

This game is a free to play rpg for mobile that will try to be a huge fresh air for the genre on this platform including lots of important innovations and a very cool new concept for a puzzle combat system, hope you like it, also i hope I can post some updates about the progress during the next month.

See you soon! 🙂