Happy 2021

Hi! We want to make a quick update of the questtracers games and projects:

Puzzle Cross Pirates: A new expansion is planned for this year, we wanted to release it initially on december but we have decided to postpone it in order to make it bigger, this new update will introduce several new buildings and a whole new way of playing the puzzles

Swipe Town: We want to make a tiny update introducing new ways to get hourglasses faster and we will add some new drawings to Carla so she will have more life

Soulmaster Tales: We are preparing another tiny update that will introduce some REALLY cool visual improvements to the combat and more ways to get premium stuff

Adventure Weaver: It will be the new Questtracers new project for this year, its not going to be a game but a program to create your own games. You can see how its progressing on its website

Please be patient we are also working for freelance clients so things will progress slowly but steady!

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