Some updates!

Hi friends, we are still busy with the Puzzle Cross Update its almost finished but the issue is the testing of the new puzzles, please be aware the new version is going to have more than 800 new puzzles!

Apart from it, we have notice our adventure weaver blog is down, this was due to a site upgrade, unfortunately due to some problems with the schedule we wont fix the website in the near future. The project is not abandoned! but we don’t have as much time as we had before cause we are also working for third parties clients so probably new adventure weaver upgrades will be done using the Questtracers main website instead of another one.

And to finish just tell you we are planing on working on a new game! Its going to be an indie game, for PC and Mac hopefully will be released in Steam, and the estimated development time is going to be 2 years, so yes, its going to be a long wait im afraid but we will show new stuff from it whenever is done.

Thanks for your patience!

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