Dev Blog #3 – Pic Improvements

We are still developing the version 5 of the game that will be released at the end of this month, and during this 2 weeks we are still testing the game and fixing bugs. Please consider we have re-code this version from scratch in a new system so thats the main reason its taking so long to be tested.

During these weeks we have made some important changes the picross gameplay as well, the first of all is the removal of the precision mode. After a long time of condieration we have decided this mode doesnt fit with the mobile gaming standards and we have decided to remove it from the game.

But, as the 15×15 puzzles have very small tiles we needed to provide replacement for it, so what we have done, is the inclusion of a zoom in and zoom out mechanic by pinching the fingers and the result its pretty cool.

Also in the new late game, there were lots of 15×15 picross, we have decided to replace them with 10×15 picross cause it fits way better with the portrait screen of the phones plus we think its way more rewarding.

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