What are we doing?

Hi treasure hunters, maybe it could look like we are a bit off but thats far from being true. We are constantly pushing updates with fixes and upgrades to the stores. Also, if you have manage to progress a lot in the game maybe you have found some puzzles that appears as locked. This puzzles are puzzles that havent been checked so we dont know if they have enought clues to be solved perfectly, but dont worry, cause we are working on them, and you dont need a new version to play the checked puzzles, as far as we check them we push them to the game over internet!

Just to make you an idea of how much work we need to do yet, we are lacking 10 buildings puzzles from the main progression and 9 event buildings puzzles, this is near 800 puzzles to be checked yet! But we are on it!

After we finish the checking we will make a little stop on Puzzle Cross and we will work in our new game! But dont worry, new Puzzle Cross content is being conceptually being designed for the future version 6, but it will take sometime to be ready 🙂

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