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What are we doing?

Hi treasure hunters, maybe it could look like we are a bit off but thats far from being true. We are constantly pushing updates with fixes and upgrades to the stores. Also, if you have manage to progress a lot in the game maybe you have found some puzzles that appears as locked. This puzzles […]

Multilanguage version & info

The latest version available is the multi language version, the version is now ready on android and its being in process in Kindle and iOs. The old players knows we have been working full steam on the game releasing almost daily versions with fixes and performance boosts. We want to slowdown a bit the ratio […]

State of the game and Kindle Fire

We have released recently the v5 of Puzzle Cross Pirates on Kindle Fire devices! Also we have been updating the game in order to fix several pesky bugs so if you are playing our game you would probably notice we are updating it a lot. In the near fuure we want to target the following […]

Version 5.1 released on iOs and Android

We have released the version 5.1 in IOs and Android, this version has all the uis prepared for high end devices like XR, X or XS, and Android devices that has that aspect ration. Also instead of releasing the 5.0 in iOs we have directly released the 5.1, welcome aboard IOs users! One of the […]

Version 5 released on Android

Hi friends, we have finally released the version 5 on android, we are using this release as a soft launch so some puzzles are not ready yet and we are still fixing some stuff, iOs version will arribe as soon as we are confident with the balancing and the features of the version. For the […]

Dev Blog #3 – Pic Improvements

We are still developing the version 5 of the game that will be released at the end of this month, and during this 2 weeks we are still testing the game and fixing bugs. Please consider we have re-code this version from scratch in a new system so thats the main reason its taking so […]

New website!

Yeah, we have changed again the website for a more professional one, we hope you like it. This website is faster, and more interesting than the previous one. Also we will add some modifications to it in the near future to improve it even more. Thanks!

Dev Log #2 – New puzzles

As you know if you have been following the news regarding the Puzzle Cross Pirates version 5, we are going to include lots of new puzzles. More than 1500! These puzzles are not going to use currency if you find the treasure, only errors are going to be penalized. In order to make this puzzles, […]

Dev Log – #1

We are still working on the version 5.0 of the game, its very close to be finished, we are planing on making the first beta tests during the next week. We want to remember you that the game is being recoded from scratch in a new and more stable system which will fix some of […]